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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Fun - Lush Review

What I really love about Lush is how the whole brand has a friendly personality. It's like meeting a new friend and realising you both have the same weird sense of humour. Another thing I really value in a friend is kindness. I really love the little things in life, I admire anyone and anything that's purpose is to bring a smile to someones face, even if it is a terrible joke/pun or a fun item made to make something some people may struggle with a little easier.

Lush were thoughtful enough to sent me and my little man some Fun after they saw our previous blog, where he tried their Bubblegrub Bubble Bar. He has been a big fan ever since. He instantly recognised the package when it came through the post, and ran around laughing, urging me to open it! We could not wait to see what we could do with it!

The Lush Fun Range comes in five different colours. All with different, beautiful fragrances. The Green is a refreshing Lemon and Lime; the red a mood lifting Mandarin and Orange; the Blue a relaxing Lavender and Chamomile; the Yellow posses a soothing Vanilla aroma and the pink with a scent almost like sweets and flowers.
Like many children, my son has an amazing imagination. He will turn any idea into an epic adventure and before you know it you're slap in the middle of it too. When I showed him the Fun bars and explained that we could make anything we wanted, and could take them into the bath with us, I could see the twinkle of cheeky ideas summon in his mind.

If like me you are lucky enough to have your very own water baby you will be just as excited as them to try this Lush Fun experience. If however you are faced with having to struggle with a miserable, screaming child who does not see the joyful side of bath time, these bars can offer a fun way to encourage them and make the experience much quicker. These bars not only smell wonderful but are multi purposed. They can be moulded like play-doh, and used as a Bubble Bar, Shampoo, or even Soap.

We spent hours creating fun sea life creatures. He was excited that he could even use his usual play-doh moulds and cutters. Unlike play-doh how ever this mouldable soap is a little flakier and can sometimes need water to help keep it together, but I am sure you will have fun working out how to get the best results for your very own work of art.

Once we had created our little bathing companions we ran a nice warm bath and continued the Fun party. We crumbled some of the blue Fun under the running water to use as bubble bath. This made the water turn a tinted blue and covering the room in the scent of lavender. We then used our little blue and pink Octopus to wash his body and hair, this made the actual washing part of our bath quick and easy. He didn't even notice when I washed his hair.

When he got out of the bath, his skin and hair was soft and soothed. Most of all he was happy, tired out, relaxed and ready for bed. The fragrance lingered on him, clung to me and stayed in the air hours after.

Another wonderful thing about this product is that you don't have to use it all at once. Simply cut of the amount you require and store the rest in a cool, dry place. A small amount goes a long way, which makes them great value for money.

We loved trying out these Lush Fun Bars and will definitely be purchasing them again. Though they are just perfect for children there is no reason you can't let your inner child play too. I imagine they will be a nice addition to accompany a number of your favourite bath bombs. They will provide you with even more possibilities when creating a beautiful Lush bath cocktail.

Me and Freddie highly recommend you try the lush Fun. It will bring back carefree smiles, reminding us of our childhood, offer a new, fun way of bonding and learning with your children as well as making bath time easy, refreshing and most of all Fun.

If you would like to purchase your very own bath time Fun, pop down to your local lush or order online here:

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The Powderpuff Room
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  1. unfortunately my son does not like this stuff at all. he doesn't care to play with it or use it. To use it up I put it in a "tea ball" and hang it on the faucet to create bubbles. I like the smell of the green one the best. :)

    1. Oh what a shame, but I guess at least you don't have to share hehe. Oh I agree, I think the green would be my fav to! x


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