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Tuesday 31 March 2020

An interview with Katie Weir from Curvy Kate!

A question I am often asked about on my blog or even in the shop where I work is about bra fitting and breast care, especially from those with a larger bust. Breasts are wonderful, every shape and size is something to be proud of, but sadly so many women seem to have a lot of insecurities about their own. There is so much misinformation going around which doesn't help this and it seems impossible to find out who can really help you when you're made to feel like you should just hide away. So I went to the wonderful Katie from Curvy Kate and asked her all the questions you have been asking. Let's get all the outdated advise, bad stigma and secrecy out of the way and finally just be open and talk about it.

Im sure most of us have been in that situation, where we've gone for a bra fitting, been poked at, been bombarded with statements we don't understand and left with a bra we don't even feel comfortable with, or even been given that look when they don't know how to help as you don't fit any of their lingerie. Bras are not as simple as we're lead to believe, we will not be the same size in every brand or style, we will not stay the same size our whole lives and it is not okay to hurt just because your breasts maybe larger. Not only is it important to look after ourselves but a good fitting bra will not only protects our breasts but creates the right shape for that perfect outfit. 

Curvy Kate is definitely a body positivity brand, finding them after having my children helped my confidence to know ends. My body had changed, I didn't feel like the same person anymore and I had stopped looking after myself because I had new little people who needed me. It is so important to never stop learning who you are, to take a time out to look after yourself, love yourself and remember you are amazing for being you not just for what you do in the world. So take a read of my questions to Katie, take on the wonderful advice and then go and and celebrate all that you are, because you are beautiful.

1. Hello Katie, can you tell me a bit about your life before you
joined the Curvy Kate Family?

Before I joined Curvy Kate, I had previously worked for Wacoal as PR Executive, I then moved over to Tutti Rouge as PR and Marketing Manager - I loved both of these roles, I totally thrived in the lingerie industry and I learnt SO much about bras, boobs and body confidence. After 6 years in lingerie - I decided take a job role in the Middle East, Kuwait to head up the PR and Social Media for American Eagle Outfitters and Jack Wills. It was the most incredible experience and I felt so much growth in both my career and self. After 20 months of 55 degree weather, I decided to come home and start doing my own thing! I then started my bra fitting business - Weir Wonderful Fit! A year in of fitting 100’s of women and I was lucky enough to get the PR and Content Manager role with Curvy Kate - which I completely ADORE! 

2. What started your interest in Lingerie and helping ladies find the right fitting bra?

It was actually my own terrible experience of a bra fitting! I thought their must be another way to do this which empowers women, makes it a pleasurable experience and something that doesn’t have to be rushed. I want women to feel excitement when coming to me to find a new bra, I hope that it is an informative, educational and empowering experience. I love to find the perfect fit and see women stand up straighter, smile wider and genuinely feel stronger through the power of their lingerie drawer. 

3. What Bra fitting Myths do you wish people knew about?

I wish that women didn’t worry SO much about back fat and that by going down a band - it will increase back fat. I always say to ladies that when your boobs are up here - no one is looking at your back!!

4. What should people look out for when going for a bra fitting? and how often should you get fitted?

Stay clear of tape measures! A proper bra fitting is done by eyes, trying on different styles to find which you love the fit of the most and to also see what each style does for your boobs! Visit a bra fitting professional every 6 months, don’t treat it like a chore but a treat! Save up some pennies to treat yourself to a pretty new set!

5. Do different breast size and shapes have certain bra styles that work better for them?

Sometimes - there are breast shapes which are best in a balcony shape for everyday comfort as their bust is bottom heavy and a balcony lift the bottom tissues and pops it up top for all the fullness! However, like I said - with a good fitter, you should be able to make most styles work for your bust and should never feel alienated!

6. Can you give us some top tips for looking after your breasts?

My TOP tip is to love your boobs, to build a positive relationship with your bust by treating yourself to pretty sets of lingerie which you wear everyday and not just for special occasions! Really listen to your bra fitter as she will tell you what a badly fitting bra looks like vs a perfectly fitted and then you know for the future what to look out for. As soon as you’d feel a dig of a wire - you know it’s time for a new bra! Don’t put off a bra fitting until your reach a goal weight, or until your aren’t too busy - just DO IT as it will make you and your boobs happy!

Also get to know your normal with the help of my friends over at CoppaFeel!

7. What do you love the most about your job?

Making women smile, feel more body confident and happy!

8. Where did you learn to fit bras and what surprised you about what you learnt while doing it?

I learnt to fit bras at Freya lingerie when I was on my placement year! I was most surprised to find that the majority of women are wearing a back size too big and cup size too small.

9. What are you most proud of in your career and what is next for you and Curvy Kate? 

I am most proud of smashing the goals on my vision board. Within my first year, I featured on the Lorraine show with Oti Mabuse talking about bra fitting, hosted a NYC influencer event and help many women each day through the power of Bra Whispering!

10. Finally, where can people get their own Curvy Kate, can you tell us about Dear Scantily and what advice do you have for those shopping with you for the first time? 

Curvy Kate is available to buy online - and also with retailers like Bravissimo and Figleaves. You can also support your local independent stockist by dining your nearest here:

Scantilly is Curvy Kate’s naughty sister! She is all about bring sexy and empowering lingerie which you can wear every day! The styles are supportive and seductive from sizes 30-38” DD-HH cup. I have to say Scantilly is my FAVOURITE lingerie brand in the world because my whole life I have been craving sexy lingerie which looks great from every angle and can also be worn with my outfits!

If you are shopping Curvy Kate and Scantilly for the first time, I would highly recommend finding your fit with our Bra Whisperer:

She can also recommend styles and shapes for you!
The Powderpuff Room
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