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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - Lush Review

If bath times weren't magical enough, Lush have created something equally bewitching, the beautiful Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. Like a fun jest made by the pixies, the bath bomb appears simple. In appearance it is white with flashes of colour, which gives only hints of it's hidden treasure inside.

It is made using a blend of refreshing Lemon Oil, uplifting Bergamot Oil and stress combating Jasmine Absolute. Together these create a fragrance that is zesty, yet sweet, it has been said to remind others of sherbet lemon sweets, and I must agree. Combining this childhood memory with the healing properties of jasmine (Which is used to treat sensitive skin, depression, muscle complaints and more) this Bath Bomb is perfect for washing away any negativity.

Run a warm bath (as we all know dragon eggs need to be kept warm to be nurtured and to hatch!) and drop it in the water to start enjoying this mythical experience. Just like a dragon, your bath bomb will start to smoke in the steamy tub, you can even hear the popping candy crackling like burning cinders. This bath bomb is not a fast fizzer, but you wouldn't want to miss out on witnessing a dragon being born! As it heats up further the egg sheds its layers, presenting its hidden beauty inside. It begins spinning and frothing, Like Smaug spitting out fiery bronze and gold flames.
Once the Egg has hatched the room is filled with a aroma of new beginning, it is refreshing and reinvigorating. The water is turned a brilliant golden yellow with swirls of gold glitter and white smokey froth. When I sank into the heated cocoon, I was embraced with soft, soothing and moistening oils.

After this luxurious bath I was left feeling cared for and truly special. This bath bomb makes your bath water look and smell stunning. It will summon an aura of peace and cast a spell over your skin. Stepping out of the bath you will be left feeling uplifted, brightened and moisturised.

I love this Bath Bomb and can not recommend it enough. It is one I regularly stock up on. It is perfect for any time of day and any season. It can offer comfort when you are in need of rejuvenation restoring you back to your former self.
Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you will treat yourself to this stunning Bath Bomb, and that you will enjoy it as much as I do. You can purchase it by popping down to your local Lush Store or by visiting them online here:

Helpful Ingredients

  • Sodium Bicarbonate is soothing, it softens the water and improves circulation. 
  • Lemon Oil is used to clear the mind and defend the body from infections. Aromatherapists use it to treat the symptoms of SAD.
  • Bergamot Oil is known for its refreshing and relaxing qualities. It is thought to clear the mind of anxious thoughts and is a natural anti depressant. Its antibacterial properties can also help in treating skin infections and acne. 
  • Jasmine Absolute is often used in cosmetics as well as aromatherapy, it can help with sensitive skin, muscle complaints, depression and stress.
  • Gardenia Extract has been used in Chinese medicine to treat irritability, urinary tracy infections, headaches and tension.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate cleanses the hair thoroughly removing dirt and grease. 
  • Lauryl Betaine is a hair and skin conditioner. 

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