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Sunday 19 April 2015

Finding Myself Through Red Lipstick And Vivian of Holloway

By Steve Smith
This post is another rather nostalgic one, and In a way I look at that as being a rather positive thing. After a traumatic birth with my first son I really lost myself. I slowly got back into things I enjoyed before but it was all forced and like I was pretending to be someone, which turned into being too many people. I suffered severe anxiety and after a miscarriage I lost myself completely. I didn't leave the house for nearly a year, I didn't see or talk to people outside my family and I didn't even dream of looking or feeling good about myself.

By Andy Hayter
So the fact that I am dreaming about what dresses I can treat myself to again after this pregnancy is definitely a positive step for me. I first found Vivien of Holloway around 2008, while I was in college. These dresses helped me learn how to love my body and how to enjoy expressing who I was.

When I ordered my first Vivien dress I was a size 16, Following their sizing chart I found it would be better for my measurements to go a size up, which is often the case with vintage dresses. I still hesitated as though these dresses looked like a dream, I was unsure of the fit as my waist was a lot smaller than my bust or thighs. I worried if a halter neck could ever work for larger breasts and I worried if I would ever find a bra that would work with it?!
By Alter Ego Photography

I took a chance and ordered a halter neck Swing Dress with a beautiful yellow floral pattern. When it arrived I couldn't of been more impressed. I fell instantly in love with the beautiful material and the fit was magical.

All my worries disappeared. The dress fitted so well and the boned bodice meant I didn't need a bra at all. The halter neck also provided support without squishing and leaving bulges in unflattering places.

These dresses are perfect for those who think they have to much on their thighs or bottoms; and is also great for those worried that they do not have enough. They sculpt and support the breast and nip in at the waist. It then falls of the hips flowing beautifully. A perfect cut for creating or emphasising the hourglass figure.
By Alter Ego Photography

After this I went on to purchase a few more dresses from Vivien Of Holloway, in a variety of different fabrics and cuts. I even tried out some of their wiggle dresses (which I will review in another post). They made me feel feminine and confident and taught me to have fun when selecting my wardrobe. This put a constant smile on my face, creating a positive state of mind and a positive day.

What I really love about these dresses and Vivien Of Holloway is how they are made to celebrate women and their bodies. They make you feel beautiful and proud. They do not tell you to change who you are, but to appreciate and treat yourself more.
By Spike Brown

Vivien Of Holloway has been around for a number of years, and now there are many other shops that offer us an array of pretty and feminine dresses. But, when I purchase from Vivien it is like a whole special occasion. There is something so magical about selecting the perfect dress, where the cut and material has all been thought about in detail. Where it fits like it's been made just for you and you know that no matter how popular this shop has grown, they never fail to offer wonderful customer care. They still make me feel as cared for as when I turned to them as an unsure teenager trying to find out who I was.
By JD Photos

I don't know how I will feel after having my next child, I don't know if I will lose myself again or if I will be confident and search for vibrant dresses to show of the strong women I have become. I don't even know if I will ever fit back into my Vivien dresses again. I really hope I can keep the excitement I feel now, accept who I have become and remember how to celebrate myself for who I am, the way I learnt to when I bought my first Vivien dress.

Thank you for reading my blog. I highly recommend purchasing a Vivien Of Holloway dress; not only for their beautiful quality; figure flattering cut or their fabulous sales team; but also to make you feel as beautiful as you are. If you would like to, please sign up to join my mailing list to keep up to date with future posts.

The Powderpuff Room
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