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Sunday 29 March 2015

If I Got To Create A Lush Pregnancy Bundle!

This is where my love for Lush started. I had never tried any of their products before a friend gifted them to me. I realised this is exactly what I needed. It may seem trivial but it has made such a difference. Products that are beautiful and delight me, that make me take 'Me Time' and also have wonderful ingredients that look after my skin and heal my mind. So now I want to write this blog as a big recommendation for other Mummas, who may need extra help relaxing. This is a post of my own personal imaginings if I got to create a Lush pregnancy bundle.

If you have been following my blog you may have noticed me mention that I am pregnant! I have now reached my final trimester and with only a few weeks left until my little man arrives, I have been thinking back on how this pregnancy has gone. After having a traumatic birth with my first son that led to me suffering sever anxiety, I feel this pregnancy has been my inspiration to start this blog. It was started to remind myself of all the little things that make me happy, to urge me to take care and to teach me to love myself no matter what.

Knowing we were going through a high risk pregnancy, I knew I had to drastically change my life style to keep me and baby healthy and happy. The main issue being my anxiety. I had already over come a lot before trying for our child but being pregnant again had brought back a lot of old feelings. So to start with I knew I had to cut out a lot of things. I needed to stop being so harsh on myself, I needed to cut out negative people around me and I needed to cut down on stressful situations. After already losing a baby the year before my priorities were really put in perspective. Nothing else matters this much!

Products that are beneficial in pregnancy differ from person to person, as all pregnancies are different. This is a selection of some of my own personal recommendations. I often go for anything bright, glittery, fruity and strong fragranced but here are some choices that I feel could appeal to a variety of different people and that are beneficial for common ailments in pregnancy.

The Therapy? Massage Bar is not only a bar for soothing aches and pains but is also a solid form of moisturiser. Made from a blend of softening and conditioning Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, gently moisturising Organic Shea Butter, calming and soothing Organic Lavender Oil and cleansing Organic Sweet Orange Oil. This bar is not only perfect for taking care of your skin but also relaxes and lifts the mood. It also contain Organic Neroli Oil which is good for the elasticity of the skin and will help to prevent and fade stretch marks.

Butterball Bath Bomb offers a replenishing and relaxing experience. Coating the skin in a light buttery layer, this Bath Bomb will repair and treat sensitive, irritated and dried out skin. Created with Cocoa Butter used for its conditioning and moisturising properties and Ylang Ylang Oil often used in aromatherapy for its uplifting properties, helping to treat stress and depression.

Avobath Bath Bomb is perfect to revive all your senses. It's Lemongrass and Bergamot Oil offers an uplifting quality that will help rejuvenate and pick you up when you are feeling over tired. Also including moisturising and protecting Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and rehydrating and nourishing Fresh Avocado.
Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt is a slow melting Bath Melt perfect for soothing and relaxing the skin and mood. Created from Whole Oats used for there soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, Sandalwood Oil used for its uplifting fragrance, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter which helps to keep the skin soft and well conditioned and balancing and restoring Rose Absolute. 
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb is a limited edition released for Mothers Day 2015, so it's rather fitting to use in my imagined pregnancy bundle. Made up from a mixture of balancing and restoring Rose Oil, creamy and softening Soya Milk Powder, antiseptic and uplifting Rosewood Oil and toning and mood lifting Orange Flower Absolute.
Twilight Bath Bomb is a beautiful slow fizzing Bath Bomb fantastic to help aid sleep. The calming lavender fragrance is designed to help you gain a good nights rest. Also blended with a mixture of Tonka Absolute used to treat joint pain, Benzoin Resinoid to cleanse and soothe the skin and Ylang Ylang Oil used for its uplifting properties.

Sympathy For The Skin is full of beneficial ingredients to give your skin lots of tender care. Packed full of uplifting and soothing Sandalwood Oil, skin softening Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, comforting Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion and moisturising Fresh Organic Bananas. Apply straight after your bath or shower to keep your skin soft and moisturised.

There are so many more Lush products that are not only good for your body and pregnancy pains but can also help you to relax and calm the mind.

If you're looking for something extra special to treat yourself with, you can also book into a Lush Spa. They recommend the Validation Facial and The Spell treatment, both which are great for a pamper and both are adaptable to pregnancy.

There are six Lush Spas Located across Britain: Lush Kingston, Lush Spa London Chelsea, Lush Leeds, Lush Spa Liverpool, Lush Poole and Lush Edinburgh. I have not yet tried these but this is definitely a trip to add to my wish list and I will be sure to blog it when I do.

Feel free to comment if you would like to ask anything else about Lush products in pregnancy but please remember this advice is only my own opinion. You can also speak to the very lovely Lush staff who have been nothing but friendly and helpful. Medical advice however should only be taken from your doctors or health practitioners.

Thank you for reading my blog, Big congrats to all the Parents to be, and lots of love from Me and Baby Harry (Big Lush Fans) x

The Powderpuff Room
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