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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb - Lush Review

This cute Easter Bunny inspired Bath Bomb has been released for the Lush Easter Range 2015. Shaped into the face of a fluffy white bunny this Bath Bomb represents all things Spring. We associate rabbits with Spring because they represent fertility. Something we hope for in all our farm animals and crops, for this is what keeps life going.

Another aspect of this Bath Bomb that reminds me of Spring is the beautiful herbal aroma, filled with soothing Lavender Absolute, uplifting Lime Oil and skin conditioning Violet Leaf Absolute. This blend with leave you feeling relaxed and renewed like a refreshing spring morning.

After our little bunny has bounced into the bath he starts to hop and pop across the water a fizzing ball of energy. Springing around you can just catch glimpses of its pink and white tail as it darts off in an animated sound of crackling from the popping candy incased. Just like that, as rabbits do, our bunny has sprinted of into hiding with in only a few minutes of starting the show.

As we know Rabbits are rather secretive animals, one minute you see them and the next they disappear without a trace. The same can be said for this little fellow. The water is not drastically changed from his presence, in fact it's only left with a little rosy tint. This Bath bomb does however have a secret surprise that makes a massive impact on the room and on you.

What really makes this Bath Bomb so enchanting is the striking fragrance it releases. While it smelt amazing before it had even been placed in the bath, once it started to dissolve the full effect really hits you.

It shares similar scents with the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar, Kerbside Violet Perfume and the Ickle Baby Bot this Bunny has been made to comfort, calm and leave a long lasting effect. The aroma engulfs the room and creates a tranquil hideaway as you burrow down like Lewis Carols White Rabbit and imagine your own Wonderland.

This is a stunning Bath Bomb for any fans of Lavender and Violet, I loved the herbal smell topped with a Lime high note. I found it to be relaxing yet invigorating. Perfect for days when you are feeling down and need a bounce put back in your step, or as Lush puts it "That will leave you feeling bright - eyed and bushy - tailed."

I highly recommend you give this little bunny a home, but remember he is only available for Easter so get him while you can from your local lush store or online here:

If however you still feel you would enjoy your bath with more colour and/or sparkles you can mix it with a Bubble Bar or Bath Melt. I turned mine into a sweet Parma Violet Cocktail with the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar and the Yummy Mummy shower gel. This really emphasised the Violet and added that luxurious layer of bubbles. You can read more about the Ultraviolet Bubble Bar in a future blog, so please check back soon or sign up to my mailing list for updates.

Important Ingredients

  • Sodium Bicarbonate is soothing, it softens the water and improves circulation.
  • Lime Oil helps to cleans, tone and boosts circulation. It protects the skin and removes dead skin cells.
  • Violet Lead Absolute is said to be an antiseptic and antibacterial. It is used to improve the condition of the skin.
  • Lavender Absolute is used to calm the mind and aid sleep. It is also used to treat muscle pains and skin complaints.
  • Benzyl Alchohol has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. 


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