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Friday 20 March 2015

Sunnyside Bubble Bar - Lush Review

So if you read my last blog you will remember I said how I chose to brighten up my bath, already consisting of the strikingly fruity Blackberry Bath Bomb. It had worked magic at easing my troubled mind but what I needed now was something to put the sparkle back in my step. So the Sunnyside Bubble Bar seemed like just the perfect answer.

I am a big fan of anything glittery, as my tagline says "if all else fails, Cover it in glitter" this can be a metaphor for making the best out of a bad situation, being positive and making things go your way or in this case literally having a big shiny Bubble Bar covered in glitter to cheer you up when you're feeling down. I am aware though that this may not be everyones idea of a fun bath, but I can reassure you this is not a glitter that clings to the skin.

Being a solid bar of sunshine it is a little tough to crumble, so I started by breaking it up into a sieve before running it under steamy water. The bar started to foam instantly and fill my bath tub with a heavenly layer of frothy bubbles. If used on its own this bubble bar gives the water a bright golden shimmer, but if mixed with a dark bath bomb the gold is intensified into what looks like mystical liquid gold with peeks of the coloured bath bomb shining through.

The fragrance released is a cheerful citrus aroma that mixes well with my fruity cocktail. Created with a mixture of uplifting Sweet Wild Orange Oil, refreshing Lemon Oil and skin toning Tangerine Oil it is no wonder this Bubble Bar impresses a feeling of good spirits.

Using the whole bar left me with masses of luscious bubbles but I think this could easily have been split and used in 2 or 3 separate baths if wanted. It's totally up to you, use as little or as much as you want to create your own little haven on cloud 9 basking beneath this blissful piece of sunshine.

The creamy bubbles themselves embrace you soon as you step in, soothing and repairing your skin, relaxing the mind and perfuming your body with a fragrance that will cling long after you step out of your bath.

I will be looking forward to using this Bubble Bar again. I recommend it for anyone who is need of some tender care after a hard day. This Bubble Bar will spoil you in luxury and tend to all your aches, as well and all the unseen care it will provide for your skin and well being.

I also suggest you try it with a dark Bath Bomb such as I have with the Blackberry Bath Bomb or The Big Blue, Create your own magical mermaid water as you deserve to be treated as special as you are.

You can purchase this beauty and many other luxury products from your local Lust Store or online here:

Helpful Ingredient

  • Sodium Bicarbonate is soothing, it softens the water and improves circulation. 
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate cleanses the hair thoroughly removing dirt and grease.
  • Lauryl Betaine is a hair and skin conditioner. 
  • Sweet Wild Orange Oil tones and cleanses the skin. It is also used by aromatherapists as it is believed to lift the boost the spirits and the immune system.
  • Lemon Oil is used to clear the mind and defend the body from infections. aromatherapists use it to treat the symptoms of SAD.
  • Tangerine Oil is used by aromatherapists to relieve stress and help with insomnia. It is also used to improve skin condition.


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