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Friday 27 March 2015

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt - Lush Review

Following on from my previous blog I mentioned that sometimes I like to make my bath a full Lush mix, I enjoyed The Fizzbanger and really revelled in the fruity smell. This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my You've been Mangoed Bath Melt. I added this little block of moisturising butter to my already sweet, fruity bath to really emphasise the fruit fragrance and add a new hydrating lift to this delicious fruit cocktail.

We often forget while distracted by all the sparkles from Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars just how rewarding Bath Melts are. When your skin is feeling in need of replenishing and repairing, drop a bath melt in to a nice steamy bath, even add it to one of your favourite Lush cocktails to give your skin a well deserved treat.

Bath Melts are placed in your bath and left to dissolve. The essential oils spread across the water making it so soft, releasing a beautiful citrus aroma and leaving your skin feeling bewitchingly creamy.

This luxurious Melt smells so beautiful and fresh, though the Mango fragrances itself is very mild, along with the Avocado Butter, Almond Oil and Cocoa butter it moisturises and conditions the skin. The added Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass Oil make this a perfect Melt, not only to sooth the skin but to uplift and refresh the mind.

If used on its own this melt can leave the bath a milky colour, though it will not drastically change the water. Because of this it is perfect to use with other Lush products. I would not recommend using Melts with a bubble bar if you are hoping for lots of luscious bubbles as the oils can cause them to dissolve quickly.

If you would like to encourage the melts natural assets you can also leave it under running water. This will allow the Melt to lather and produce a slight foam, filling your bathroom with a strong zesty aroma. The fragrance will lull you into a peaceful heaven and cling to your body long after you step out from the bath.

This Bath Melt was truly a special occasion, I felt cared for, healed and blissful. I would recommend this when you are feeling in need of comfort and revitalising. You can purchase this and other varieties of Bath Melts from you local Lush store or online at:

Helpful Ingredients

  • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter reacts with your body temperature and melts into the skin. It is known for its moisturising and conditioning properties and can help with dry and itchy skin.
  • Almond Oil is conditioning for skin and hair, it contains vitamin E and is thought to have healing and protecting properties. 
  • Lemongrass Oil is toning and has antiseptic properties. It is used in aromatherapy for its uplifting and antidepressant qualities. 
  • Avocado Butter sooth the upper layer of skin and rehydrates and conditioning it. It is also Rich, nourishing and softening for the hair.
  • Mango Butter is filled with minerals, vitamins including A, E and C, also with several B vitamins. It also holds antioxidants such as calcium and potassium. It is often used to specially treat neglected and sun damaged skin. It is softer than Cocoa butter and softens without leaving skin greasy. 
  • Lemon Oil has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities which help clear the skin. The uplifting fragrance is used to refresh the mind and can be used to treat the symptoms of SAD
  • Lime Oil is used to cleanse and tone as it boosts circulation. 


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