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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Lush Oxford Street!

I was so heartbroken when I heard Lush had this massive store full of exclusive products opening, and I was far too pregnant to travel to see it! So after my visit to Gorilla perfumes for their 1st Birthday, I thought I would take the opportunity to pop in to Lush Oxford Street and finally see what everyone has been talking about!

Though I was rather disappointed not to have made the opening day and get the chance to meet the creators, the store its self was never the less magical. Like a child in a sweet shop I found it very hard to ground myself and not fly from shelf to shelf. Three floors of bright colours, old favourites and new wonders to explore.

Once arriving, my eldest Son (who you might have seen in previous blogs and videos) who is a big Lush fan, darted to the 'Fun' area, while I started on the ground floor and was drawn to Lush's new make-up range. I was fascinated with all the unique creations, so treated myself to some brilliant coloured eye jewels and a stunning lip stain called Bamboozled. On the ground floor you can also find shelves mountain high with: shower gels, shower Jellies, showders and smoothie roulades. There is a whole counter displaying stunningly designed soaps and products to treat the face, hands, feet and hair.
The top floor is dedicated to bathing. I was so excited as my basket became full of beautiful new Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and Bath Melts. It was at this point that I met the lovely lush employee Emma. She really understood my love of Lush and in particular the fragrances. She showed me around, and quickly came to recognise what products would appeal to me. In the centre of the room there are a number of little sinks where products are demonstrated, and towards the end walls, fabulously designed gift sets and Knot-wraps are stocked.
I went to check on my little man to find that he had already tested out lots of products before me! He went around smelling everything and showed me the items he had loved. He was thrilled that the staff members had taken the time to show him around and acknowledged his interest. It was so lovely to see him so confidently talking to the Lush staff, leading them around by the hand and asking what everything did. They had great patience with him and never made him or me feel like he wasn't welcome.
Another section that really delighted us was the 'Fun' area. It is a colourful, bright and spacious zone, stacked with a variety of exclusive Fun bars and tables where you can sit and play with them. We had a great time making lots of 'Fun' creations and chose the Mermaid Fun and the Aliens and Monsters Fun to take home.

Finally we were shown around the basement, this is home to the Spa and therapy room. There is a large table in the centre displaying Massage Bars and staff can be found offering hand massages to demonstrate them. In the basement you can also find a stunning collection of Gorilla Perfumes for you to purchase. You can even find some exclusive ranges that have only been available at the Gorilla Perfume shop in Islington or online.
Gorilla Perfumes 'The Voice of Reason'

One of my favourite parts to my visit was the Gorilla Galleries. Emma guided us through rooms and booths set up in multiple sensory scenarios that represented the inspiration of different fragrances. The scene is set with visuals, music and scent, while we were told the story of how each perfume came to life. I will not spoil the surprise for you, as it is an experience you need to go through yourself, but here is a peak at our favourite parts.

The Voice of Reason was represented in a vintage booth with a vinyl player playing Gil Scot Heron (I'm New Here). It's fragrance is meant to remind you of a basement cafe on the wrong side of town and is suppose to smell of cigarettes, booze and espresso.
Gorilla Perfumes 'Staying Alive' 
Staying Alive was represented as a mini disco, lots of bright flashing lights, while staying alive by the Bee Gees plays on repeat. You can dress up in wigs and have your picture taken and emailed to you from the booth. As the name suggests this perfume is about being given a new lease of life, leaving all the bad times behind and appreciating all the colour and light.
Gorilla Perfumes 'Sun'

The Sun fragrance as you could imagine is presented as a scene at the beach. There were chairs to lounge on as you watch the sea projected on the wall. Sun is designed to brighten your day when you are feeling down and include ingredients to help with the symptoms of SAD.

" A ray of sunshine in the depths of winter"

The Experience included six different fragrances and their stories, and I could not urge you more to visit for yourself. It ended with the most amazingly inspired perfume story of all. 

The smell of Freedom needed nothing else but words and fragrance. This scent is created from a blend of three different perfumes (Fire Tree, Old Delhi Station and Oudh Heart), inspired by three different stories of struggle and triumph. They are blended together to make this perfume of courage and hope. Emma told these stories beautifully and it only made me love Gorilla Perfumes more.
Overall we loved our visit. Lush Oxford street was just magical, three floors with over 250 new products. The Store is home to a Spa, a Hair lab, a Gallery and a 'Fun' area, We spent hours there and never ran out of wonders to look at. The staff were friendly, helpful and it was clear to see how much love and passion they had for the company. I was beyond happy with my purchases but know I will have to visit again to get more.

Thank you for reading my blog, have you visited Lush Oxford Street yet? and what were your favourite parts?
Our Lush London Trip

The Powderpuff Room
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  1. I felt like a child in a candy shop and Emma was fantastic. How on earth I didnt spend more I dont know; could easily spend 100s here


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