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Sunday 12 July 2015

Big Blue Bath Bomb - Lush Review

The Big Blue Bath Bomb has been in my collection for quite some time now. It was while organising my Lush basket I found myself a little saddened when I found that it had broken, but I decided to use this opportunity to try it out and make a little Bath Cocktail to cheer myself up.

I adore the sea, I find the sound, smell and the feel of it brushing against me very calming. One thing that breaks the mood for me however is feeling bits, such as seaweed grab at me. This is what had put me off trying this bath bomb for so long. All of the ingredients sound like a luxurious get away, but the fact its main ingredient is seaweed, that settles to the bottom of the bath, reminded me of parts of a get-away I do not enjoy.

The Big Blue Bath Bomb in appearance looks exactly how the name suggests. A big sea blue and white bath bomb. It has Lush embossed on top of it, with Seaweed encased and sometimes peaking through.

The fragrance is fresh and revitalising, like diving into the ocean on a hot summers day. Made from a blend of: detoxifying Arame Seaweed, gentle exfoliating Fine Sea Salt, uplifting Lemon Oil and balancing Lavender Oil.
As soon as the Big Blue plunges into the water, it instantly starts to fizz. It works fast, shooting out seaweed as it dives. The seaweed settles to the bottom of the tub, the water is transformed to a vivid blue and the fragrance intoxicates the whole room.

I added the bath bomb to my tub with the Floating Island Bath Melt and let myself bask in the calm. With this bath selection I am presented with the image of travelling across the beautiful big blue ocean. Once arriving on my isolated Island, I treat myself to cheeky cocktails and slammers. My skin felt renewed and moisturised and my mind was made to feel revitalised and relaxed. The scent clung and lasted into the next day, carrying with it the sense of freshness thats helps to kick start a new day.

I am so glad I tried this bath bomb, it was a refreshing bathing experience that helped me unwind. I recommend this product when you are tired and in need of an escape. If like me you are worried about the seaweed, it was soft and once settling to the bottom of the bath it wasn't the nuisance I thought it would be. This meant I could really relax and enjoy all of the benefits of the ingredients.

So why not grab yourself this little holiday and bring the sea to your bath tube. You could even add to the luxury by following my little cocktail mix. You can purchase these from your local lush store or on the Lush Website.
Thank you for reading my blog, I would love to know if you have tried the Big Blue, or if you have any favourite Lush Cocktails? All comments mean so much to me and if you want to make sure you never miss a post why not sign up by mailing list!

Helpful Ingredients
  • Sodium Bicarbonate is soothing, it softens the water and improves circulation. 
  • Coarse Sea Salt softens the skin and volumising the hair.
  • Fine Sea Salt is softening and is used to gentle exfoliate the skin.
  • Arame Seaweed is full of lots of minerals and vitamins, this means it has many benefits to the skin. It is used to cleanse, tone, soften, calm and detoxify. 
  • Lemon Oil has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities which help clear the skin. The uplifting fragrance is used to refresh the mind and can be used to treat the symptoms of SAD.
  • Lavender Oil is used to calm to mind and aid in sleep. It is also thought to help heal damaged skin. 
  • Seaweed Absolute is used to protect and nourish sensitive skin. 


The Powderpuff Room
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  1. Another fascinating part is that they bubble when put in a bath brimming with water. This implies you can have an air pocket shower alongside the fragrance based treatment.bath bomb manufacturer in usa


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