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Sunday 17 May 2015

Maternity Hospital Bag - Lush Essentials Kit

I have less than three weeks until I go into hospital to have my son. I have spent pretty much most of my pregnancy in a blissful Lush bath or talking about Lush products. It can not be said that I have not done my best to ensure my birthing experience will be the most relaxing that I can make it.

I already know I will be in hospital for at least a few days, so now that it has come to putting my hospital bags together, I am desperate for home comforts. I have spent a few trips to my local Lush store, asking lots of questions about what will benefit me throughout my pregnancy and aid recovery after my c-section. Here is just some of the many wonderful products that were recommended for me.

The Happy Hippy Shower Gel is mind cleansing and invigorating. It is made from a blend of refreshing Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice, uplifting Bergamot Oil and soothing Frankincense Oil. It offers a citrus fragrance that awakens the senses after all the hard work of growing and delivering a baby. The Frankincense Oil also adds a protective layer that will sooth and tone the skin, giving you the tender love and care you deserve. It is also a great choice for your Maternity Hospital Bag as the fragrance lingers enough to keep you feeling fresh but it does not mask your natural scent from your new baby.

Even though our hair tends to fair better during pregnancy than the rest of our body, it still goes through a lot of changes. Rehab Shampoo is perfect to offer your hair its very own pamper after such a testing time. It is created with a blend of: brightening Freshly Juiced Papaya, nutritious Fresh Kiwi Juice, cleansing Fresh Mango Juice and moisturising Organic Extra Olive Oil. These ingredients will add shine, strengthen and soften the hair. They will also sooth the scalp and encourage hair growth, the perfect treatment after all we go through in pregnancy, labour and in dealing with our hospital stay.

As well as needing a boost of energy after having a baby, we are often in need of comfort too. The American Cream Hair Conditioner cleanses and softens the hair, offering a strawberries and cream fragrance that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Including ingredients such as: moisturising Honey Water, comforting Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion, refreshing Fresh Strawberries and warming Benzoin Resinoid. This conditioner is a perfect treat to rescue tired or worn out hair.

Another product to make you feel fully pampered is the R&B Hair Moisturiser. It is a leave in hair moisturiser that offers a rich blend of oils and butter to revive your hair and balance your scalp. It has an uplifting Bay and Orange Flower Absolute fragrance with a soothing blend of Oat Milk, nourishing Organic Avocado Butter, and moisturising Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Work a small amount through wet hair before towel drying and leave in for it to restore your hair to a renewed state. If you have curly hair it is recommended that you add it once your hair is already dry.

Breath Of Fresh Air is a refreshing toner water, perfect to use for keeping cool during labour or on the hospital ward. It is created using such ingredients as: calming Rose Water, soothing Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Gel and skin protecting Seaweed Absolute. Simply spray and wipe away with a clean cloth or cotton pad to leave your skin feeling revitalised, uplifted and cleansed. This product not only tones and balances the skin but also offers a relaxing and uplifting effect on your mind.

Ultrabalm is a multi-purpose balm, perfect for those of us who have been through pregnancy, delivered a baby and then going on to care for a newborn. It is a simple, pure blend of soothing Rose Wax, moisturising Organic Jojoba Oil and nutritious Candelilla Wax. This makes it perfect to care for dry and chapped areas. Use it for dried out lips while in labour, sore and cracked nipples while breast feeding and even on babies bottom as a barrier.

As the name suggests Lovely Jubblies is a skin tightening breast cream to firm and lift. It is created with many beneficial ingredients such as: tightening and toning Meadowsweet Infusion, soothing Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil and moisturising Orange Blossom Honey. It also has a mixture of nourishing oils and butters, believed to even skin tone whilst improving elasticity. Apply a generous layer to your breasts, neck and any other areas of skin you wish to smooth and perk up.
Just when you think Lush couldn't possibly offer you anymore, they also have their own Fresh Handmade Sound CDs. I was surprised by the lovely Lush Northampton staff with this beautiful gift of the Validation CD to wish me luck with my delivery. Not only does this show how caring and thoughtful Lush staff are, but how much time they take to get to know each of their customers individual needs.

Lush have a variety of therapeutic soundtracks, created to use with each individual treatment in their Spas. So why not find one that takes you to a place of comfort and relaxation. Perhaps you could even include it in your delivery.

I can not thank Lush enough for all their help and advice during my pregnancy. Not only do the products and their friendly nature help you take care of your body, but they have also made me feel in wonderful mental health. Mental health is something that often gets over looked in pregnancy but it is equally as important.

If you have any questions about Lush products in pregnancy please feel free to comment, but please remember these recommendations are only my own opinion. You can also speak to the very helpful Lush staff who are not only knowledgable but very friendly to. Medical advice however should only be taken from your doctor or health practitioners.

The Powderpuff Room
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