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Sunday 14 January 2018

Heavenly Desserts Northampton Review

I am always delighted to hear that something new is coming to my home town of Northampton, so when I got an invite to preview the new Heavenly Desserts Restaurant I was more than happy to show my support, and of course be as helpful as I could by tasting everything. Though I am not a crazy dessert addict, I can not pretend I do not get excited at the idea of trying new things, that have lots of different flavours, so I couldn't wait to see what this heavenly place had in store for me.

Heavenly Desserts was founded in 2008 and has since expanded into a franchise now spreading to eight different locations, Northampton being it's latest. The menu is created by experienced artisans using the finest ingredients, they say when crafting these beautiful desserts they want to create something that not only tastes divine but also reaches you on all human senses. Imagine something that not only looks glorious but that also smells and tastes delicious too.

Opening its doors in Northampton on the 18th December, we were invited on the 15th for a sneaky little preview. On arrival we were greeted by a very warm and excited staff member and shown to our seats. The Interior was current and friendly, creating an atmosphere that could be pleasant for a family gathering or a date night. We were promptly brought water to refresh our palettes after each dessert and then in a performance, nearly as sprightly as Beauty and the Beasts 'Be Our Guest' dinner scene, our delectable sweet treats arrived.
If you've read my blog before you will know that I do have a liking for products when they are thought about on many levels, when they have stories behind what makes them so or when their appearance gives me hints of what adventure they are about to take me on. So as we were talked through each confection, introduced to them as if they had their own little personalities, I could not hide my delight when I heard some of there deliciously cheeky names. The table soon became a pallet of colour and flavours as we were presented with fruity smoothies that left a refreshing zing on the tongue and a multitude of cakes, waffles and crepes that warmed and soothed the heart.
The first offering was a platter of five artisan cakes, the flavours were Oreo and Cream, Lemon, Strawberry, Walnut and Vanilla and Ferrero Rocher. Each little square had lavish layers of cream and sponge and was decorated with toppers proudly declaring its favouring and tempting you to indulge.  The aroma and taste was smooth, vibrant and full of sweetness. I thoroughly enjoyed each cake, even the ones I had never enjoyed that flavour before. Thought a tough choice, my favourite was the Ferrero Rocher.
'I'll Have What She's Having' is the perfect name to describe the Waffle Dish we were brought next, because once you see it, you will definitely be ordering it too. The smell of Strawberries and Chocolate reached me before I even saw this mouthwatering dessert, and when I did set eyes on it I was delighted by the bright colours that cheered me and creamy clouds that I could drift away on. This treat consists of Freshly made waffles, warm milk Belgian Chocolate, a scoop of ice-cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I absolutely loved this dessert, the waffles were fluffy and light, the deep Belgian chocolate in contrast with the sweet strawberries hit all the right notes in scent and taste.
Like the waffles, there are many different varieties of Crepes available at Heavenly Desserts. We sampled a very simple but tasty creation, They were soft with a slight crisp and covered with drizzles of white chocolate, strawberry sauce, ice-cream and whipped cream. The ice-cream melting against the warm Crepe melted in my mouth and left me feeling serene and relaxed. I wonder if when Heavenly desserts thought of making desserts that reach all our senses if they realised they also were creating dishes that could manipulate our emotions.
Our last dessert was a warm Cookie dough with Nutella and a Ferrero Rocher Topper, served with a scoop of Ice-cream and a dollop of Whipped cream. This dessert was beautiful and perfect for the cold drizzly day we were having. The cookie dough had a nice crispy top and a soft centre.
Thank you to Heavenly Desserts Northampton, we had a lovely evening filled with lots of laughs and delicious treats. Before we left we tasted one of their beautiful Milkshakes and was hugged goodbye with a nice hot Chai Tea before we headed out in the cold again.

I highly recommend taking a trip to Heavenly Desserts (229 - 231 Wellingborough Road) if you have a bit of a sweet tooth or if you'd just like to have a treat with friends. You can find out more info on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and if you end up with a Heavenly Desserts addiction, you will be happy to know they will be available on Deliveroo in the not to distant future.

Thank you for reading my blog, who in Northampton has visited the new Heavenly Desserts or have you visited any of their other stores? and most importantly, what dessert was your favourite?
The Powderpuff Room
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