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Sunday 29 January 2017

The Spell Treatment - Lush Poole Review

As the 31st of January brings my blogs 2nd anniversary I am reminded of how much has changed in the time I have been writing it. I am able to leave the house, I talk to more people and I feel my confidence is growing daily. I started this blog to help manage my mental health, to keep me positive and to fight against my anxiety disorder. Another thing I did to help fight it, was to let myself experience The Spell Treatment at Lush Spa Poole, a treatment made for those who are looking to move forward.

The Spell Treatment is a 60 minute reflexology inspired treatment. It is created to loosen problem thoughts that get stuck in our heads and to inspire us to move forward with purpose. It includes a deep foot massage and scalp massage using hot stones. The products used are Rub, Rub, Rub Body Scrub, Volcano Foot Mask and T For Toes Foot Powder (which are found on the Lush shop floor), and an exclusive Foot Bath Bomb and Temple Balm.

Stepping into a Lush Spa, is like arriving at home after a long day. The decor is inspired by an english country kitchen, making you feel cosy and cared for as soon as you step in. I was pleased to find I had the same therapist that I had for my last treatment in the Poole spa. Viki greeted me, sat me down and talked me through the different steps in my treatment. The treatment is given in three stages. The first stage is called Grounding, by working on the solar plexus area of the foot as well as placing a warm Grandfather stone on the solar plexus of the stomach. These stones are made from volcanic rock which help to realign the bodies energy and restore balance. The second stage is working through the digestive part of the foot, this is to clear the uneasy feeling in that area created when you feel stressed and anxious. This stage will also move to the head to clear your mind of worrying thoughts. The final stage is about moving on, working up and down the body and stimulate the literal sense of walking and moving forward.

Before showing me to our treatment room Viki presented me with a tray. Upon it lay a single sheet of paper, a pen and ink, a pot of large matches and a brass kettle. I was told to write down a worry I wished to move on from, to fold it up and to drop it into the kettle. It was then set on fire where it burnt and disappeared, symbolising that my worry should too. This is where the spell starts.

The treatment room was dimly lit with a red glow. I felt warm and empowered, as if I was preparing to battle my crazies and move forward with my life. Viki started the treatment by opening up the Spell book and reading the words put before me, ' With my feet I stand in truth. I move forward with Joy, Understand and Courage'. I sat on the bed with my feet hanging over the side. My feet were washed and soaked in a tub with the Volcano Ballistic, a spa exclusive with lots of fresh Lemongrass, Rosmary, Thyme and Sage, which are used for their relaxing and uplifting properties. Next, my feet are scrubbed with Rub Rub Rub to gently exfoliate and leave the skin feeling soft.

I was then asked to lay back and relax, while my feet were covered in the Volcano Foot Mask and wrapped in a towel. While this was left on, Viki used two warm stones to massage the Dream Time Temple Balm into my temple, she tapped them together to allow me to inhale all the benefits of the essential oils. This stage of the treatment is then finished by massaging the balm into the scalp. The third stage of the treatment moves back down to the feet where the foot mask is removed with warm mitts, and using the Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion, the Reflexology inspired massage begins. Lastly the treatment is finished by rubbing in some T for Toes Foot Powder to mattify the skin and to keep the feet healthy.

To accompany the emotional side to this treatment, The Spell is performed alongside a sound track from Simon Emmerson and the Fresh Folk Collective. It takes you on a journey along costal paths, away from our crowded busy lives and gives you the sense of freedom. I have such an admiration for these soundtracks, not only are they beautiful pieces of music but they also work in magical choreography with the movements of the treatment, when I was meant to feel relaxed I was placed in blissful tranquillity, and when I was meant to feel courageous I was given all the strength and passion that I needed.

After my treatment was finished I was left to gather my thoughts with a warm cup of hot water, with Lemongrass, a slice of Lemon and Mint Leaves. These ingredients are perfect for refreshing and energising the body, just as the treatment before it had done. I was also given a tag to remind me of the journey I had taken whenever I may be struggling again afterwards. As I sat and drank my drink, I thought about my treatment and thought about how I would review it, I was surprised by how much it had affected me and I knew that this write up would be a challenge, and I can only hope I have captured all I wanted to convey.

This treatment was magical, I feel I underestimated the power that reflexology can have, and if you don't think you feel it physically I can promise you will feel something emotionally. As well as a treatment that offers relaxation, I felt I was on a journey where I thought about worries I would usually not go to deep into and I fought them off, shook them away and embraced my next steps.

Thank you for reading my post, and thanks to Viki and the lovely Lush Poole Spa for having me. I highly recommend you treat yourself to this treatment. I can't prove anything, but it's been a while since I had this treatment and I've been achieving more with every day and I still feel ready to fight on.

The Powderpuff Room
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