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Wednesday 24 August 2016

My Lush HQ Visit

If you have read my blog before you may know that I have suffered from anxiety, I haven't gone into detail and I know some people don't understand how serious this mental illness can be. I don't want to run through the whole long story, but I feel I should explain that after my miscarriage, mine meant I didn't leave the house for a year and I often suffered from anxiety attacks. I am getting out a lot now and like to think I am coping well with being busy again, but sometimes I still feel a bit like a child playing grown up and I am very weary of falling back into the state that I was. This is where Lush comes in, not only does smells and Lush products relax me, but when I am feeling partically on edge, a trip to Poole always grounds me.

I'm not sure why I feel such a connection to Poole, but as soon as I get there, my body relaxes, my skin feels comfortable and I can breath easy. Poole has become a home away from home, and now what makes it extra special are the people I know there. During my holiday, I was invited to spend some time with the beautiful people at customer care. If you're a Lush lover like myself, you will know what a caring company they are, and their lovely staff are definitely a big part of the heart of it.

Lush headquarters is home to Customer Care, meeting and testing rooms for new products and spa treatments, the Lush digital team and Jacks Lab. Seeing the small number of people and the amount of work that goes into everything, really makes you appreciate the true love and attention Lush put into the business. Then seeing how much of themselves each employee puts in, brings understanding of the importance each person plays in forming this family feel to Lush that we all know and love.

Walking into the building, like the theme of the Lush Spas, you are welcomed into a reception that mimics a cosy country kitchen. It has comfy seats, an array of colourful vegan treats and different flavoured fruit waters. It also has large windows that will sooth all your worries as you take in the beautiful view surrounding you. At the back of the room there is a shelving display of Lush bath bombs and soaps and a giant book shelf featuring books chosen by the Lush founders to inspire and motivate their employees. Lush adds that extra special touch that they are known for, by saying, "Make yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair and have a read. We hope you like the collection, and if you love a particular book so much you can’t bear to be parted from it, it’s on us."

Though I had visited Lush HQ before, I was given a tour around the building by the beautiful Maisy. It is amazing how driven Lush are and the amount that can change within a few months. To the right of the building we walked past the meetings rooms, spa training rooms and at the back was the very special Customer Care room. Once walking in I was greeted and introduced to everyone, It was a cosy little room with products new and old decorating the walls. One shelf was dedicated to the Lush Kitchen, showcasing all that has been out the last few weeks, so when lush customer care answer any of our question about products, they really do look into it themselves. I was talked through the way they worked, shown some product demos and of course, we all talked about products we love from lush. The Customer Care staff truly are beautiful, warm people. I felt so at home sitting with them, they really do have the great sense of humour we see from them on social media and they really do remember so much about the interactions they have with people (so be nice), creating a personal relationship I have not seen from many other companies.

I was then taken around to the left side of the building. This was a large open room, with more rooms closed off around it, and little booths in the centre where employees could have space to make video calls. This section is mainly home to the digital team, the marketing team and the people who rush to fix it when ever there are website meltdowns. I was excited to see someone sat making the digital labels of the employees to put on the products that they have made (the ones we all secretly want made of ourselves!) Finally I was shown to a place that looked a little like something from Alice in Wonderland, there was a large sink, bottles of all shapes and sizes and a bath bomb and bath bomb mould that was rather enormous! If you haven't guessed it, it was Jacks lab. It was interesting and exciting to look around, though I know a lot happens in other places it was nice to see the basics of where ideas are thought of and tested.

Finally, if I wasn't spoiled enough on this visit, the darling customer care team had arranged for me to make my very own Comforter Bubble Bar. I had mentioned to Stephen once how much Id love to make my own powderpuff bubble bar and I couldn't believe that he remembered. We went into the reception area where I was shown by Carina and Gab how it was mixed and shaped. It was so lovely getting in a mess and seeing what crazy shapes we were coming out with, it also made me smile meeting members of staff I had never met before who would join in and tell me about themselves and their work in lush.

Thank you to Stephen for making me this perfect powderpuff bubble bar!

I had such a beautiful day at Lush HQ, but as it reached 3 I had to run as I had booked in for the Tales of Bath Treatment at the spa (which I will review in another post) It was so inspiring being in a place that is not only HQ to a very successful business but also has a building full of kind, hard working staff who love what they do and who they work for.

Thank you so much to Lush Customer Care for allowing me to spend the day with them, and thank you for all my treats! I really admire you, how much work you put into what you do and the kindness you show to people. You know who you are when I say I proudly count you among my friends and I hope we meet again soon.

And of course a big thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into Lush HQ and all the work they do there. They really are a beautiful company, that not only offers amazing products, but also try to make a difference by spreading kindness, powerful campaigns and, as we know, do their best to make their products kind to our environment.

The Powderpuff Room
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