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Sunday 13 March 2016

My Visit To Lush Spa Bath

Recently while on a trip to Bath, I made a quick visit to Lush Spa Bath (Well, It would be rude not to). I have wanted to visit for a long time, and would have loved to spend days looking around the Roman Baths and finding out about the history and magic of the waters. Unfortunately I didn't have much free time, so had to console myself with a tour of the Lush Spa. Luckily this store had its own hidden wonders, which helped me feel a little more connected to the city I was in. 

Walking into Lush Bath, is like taking a step into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. In the centre is a large till space, set up like a stage, or even mimicking a laboratory at work, creating lots of treats beyond the imagination. The beautiful display of soaps are the first products that catch your attention as you walk through the door and upon the walls are shelves of colourful products leading you around the store.

I was greeted by the bubbly staff as I entered, who introduced themselves and offered any help if needed. I took a quick look around the store, gazed in awe and longing at the walls of gift sets and I was delighted to finally get my Lush Spa tote bag. I then met the lovely Megan, who answered some of my hair care quires and shared my excitement over the new Spa treatment.

Megan then took me down to the Spa. Stepping from the shop floor and onto the stairs leading down already set me at peace. The atmosphere changes, the music soothed me, and the english country decor put me in a wonderful mood. I would never have thought that I could have my anxiety and flurry go to calm, just from stepping into a different room (which was actually a stair case).

I was shown around the Spa, as Megan explained different treatments and what went into them. She talked me through the writing and bottles on the wall and how it was all apart of the Synaesthesia treatment (which I'd very much like to try). I explained how I was feeling in life, and that I wanted my next treatment to help me finally let go of my past worries so I could move on. She advised me to try The Spell, a foot treatment designed to help your worries melt away.

I was so disappointed that I would miss the blogger event demonstrating the New Lush treatment, Tales of Bath, this would take place a week after my visit. It would of made a fabulous blog, learning about it and seeing it practiced in the City it was inspired by. How ever, I was lucky enough that Megan showed me around the room and explained the treatment to me, which made me feel a little less sorry for myself.
Lastly I was shown the shower room, and it was the shower room of dreams. A bright room, with wooden decking, lots of space and Lush products surrounding you. You would not struggle for comfort getting ready here, everything you could possibly need is provided. Its wonderful that Lush have considered different peoples comfort levels while designing their treatments and rooms. There is enough to suit people who are are okay being undressed and those who are not, they consider those who are happy to be directly touched or those who would prefer to even have a massage in a nice comfy pj set.

I loved visiting Lush Bath, and can not thank them enough for having me and showing me around. I think Lush and Bath have something in common, though in present day we do not tend to use bath houses, Lush has in a way made it something to be social over. Like Bath houses, Lush has made bath times something we share again, maybe not in person, but by talking about it and sharing pictures.

Thank you for reading my post, leading on from this, I have just booked in to a Lush Spa for The Spell treatment and the Tales of Bath. I will make sure to let you know what they are like. Do let me know what Lush Spa treatments you have tried and what you thought of them?

The Powderpuff Room
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