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Wednesday 4 November 2015

My Lush Poole Adventure - The Comforter? Spa Treatment!

'If you want to view paradise, Simply look around and view it,
Anything you want to, do it, You want to change the world,
There's nothing to it'

My blog really has been the medicine I needed. It has kept me positive through my pregnancy and encouraged me to look after myself even after having my baby. Though I am one who usually sports a sunny disposition, sometimes I still struggle and recently things had gotten me a little off track. Luckily my trip to Poole couldn't of come at a better time. 

While taking this visit to somewhere I have wanted to go for a while, I knew I should also take the opportunity to do something I've been wanting to do for a while too. I decided I needed to bask in my blissful imagination and booked myself in to the Lush Spa for 'The Comforter?' treatment.

'The Comforter?' is a 60 minute, full body massage and exfoliating treatment. This is done using bittersweet Cacao which is melted down to give you a delicious chocolate scent, while the scrub comes from ground Aduki Beans. This is then followed by a Rose Serum, A solid block also melted down for the massage, it contains Lime Leaf Oil, Rose Clay and Argon Oil. Both also contain Tamarind which is high in natural sugars and will continue to soften the skin hours after the treatment has finished.

After I had been greeted by my beautiful therapist Vicky and given the run through of my treatment and what it would involve, I was shown into my treatment room. The room was not a cold, clinical room like you may have experienced in other exfoliation treatments, instead it was cosy and majestic. Like stepping into a daydream, the enchanting music leads you to a room engulfed in a pink/purple glow with tiny sparkles of green light covering it from ceiling to floor. Tiny potion like bottles decorate the shelves and a dreamy bed is laid out inviting you to settle down and take a moment just for yourself.

I undressed, crawled into a bed as soft as a cloud and began to float away with the music. The treatment began with the scrub starting from the chest leading around the body clockwise. Each part of the body stays under the warm blanket and is only taken out when treated. While the chocolate scrub is working into the skin, the therapist massages through the sheet using a technique called a rolling massage. She then uses warm mits, working the same way around the body to remove the scrub. At this point I was gentle awoken to find bubble dancing through the air. I was turned on to my stomach and the process was repeated again on the back of my body. Next I am given an 'Endless massage' using the Rose Serum, this is a technique using the forearms, which kind of looks like a dance. This was done on the back of my legs as well as some lifts and stretches and finally the treatment was finished on my back and shoulders.

Like all Lush treatments, this was all set beautifully to its own soundtrack, created by Simon Emmerson and the Fresh Folk Collective. For this treatment they have taken popular songs such as: Hushabye Mountain, Pure Imagination and Close to you, and added a magical ingredient that has you feeling so relaxed you could melt and so uplifted you could fly away.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but when I've previously talked about my struggle of feeling like I am too many people, one part of me I lost was that I used to be a musician. Even as a child I always sung, and as I grew, music was my only love. I went to uni to study it, I traveled around the Uk playing, and writing songs was my therapy. But then for some reason after all I went through in my pregnancy with my first son I came to despise that part of me. I still can't really explain why, but music became like an ex lover that only caused pain to think about. Not only was this treatment beautiful, relaxing and so unique, but, I feel its connection kind of repaired a bit of my relationship with music.  

After the treatment had finished, I made my way out to the kitchen where I was presented with one last suprise. A cocktail glass full of candy floss, and a bottle containing rose syrup and sparking water was laid out. The bottle was then poured into the glass, creating the perfect magical effect to end my adventure on. I sat and talked to Vicky as I drank this very sweet, rose drink and felt, that though I love Lush, maybe I had not realised just how unique and amazing a Lush treatment would be. 

I can not fully explain how much I loved The Comforter? treatment, but I hope this post has given you some idea. It was perfect, as if it had been made for me, someone who lives a little in her own world and likes to stay positive even when 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head'. I highly recommend going for this treatment, when you need a little clarity and comforting when things get tough. I now feel ready to get past the obstacles and enjoy my bright sun shinny day. (to many music puns? Well you can purchase The Comforter? CD and understand what I mean). Thank you to my therapist Vicky for such kindness and a wonderful treatment, and thank you all for reading my post!

My Lush Poole Adventure

The Powderpuff Room
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  1. What a brilliant post and so lovely to get to know you a little bit more. The treatment sounds incredible and I am super jealous lol. I really hope you enjoy your next trips as much as you seemed to here! Xx

    1. Aw Thank you so much lovely, I hope you get to experience a Lush Treatment soon x

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