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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Lush Makeup Makeover!

It is a well hidden secret that I'm a bit of a Lush addict and also a bit of a Makeup one too! Okay it's not a secret at all, you wouldn't even have to spend two minutes with me to work out just how obsessed I am. So I thought I would take a moment to bring two of my loves together.

I am going to use this post to talk you through a simple look I've worn this summer, created with only a few of the Lush Makeup range products.

Firstly make sure your face is clear and that it has already been cleansed, toned and moisturised. I have not yet purchased it, but the new Magical Moringa Moisturiser is perfect as a primer, smoothing the skin as well as holding the foundation in place.
For Foundation I have used the Lush Light Pink Colour Supplement. Though my skin is more of an olive, this shade compliments the pink tones. Colour supplements can be used straight out of the pot to provide a overall coverage, or mixed and used as a tinted moisturiser. When applying, I plot in where I want it with a foundation brush, then blend in with a buffer.

To achieve this eye look, I first use the lighter Lush eye Jewel (Delighted) as a base colour, applying it to the whole lid right up under the eyebrow and blend it in with a brush. I then covered the whole lid stopping just under the brow bone with a dark Purple (Devout). I used the Copper Jewel (Seducer) above the Purple as a transition colour and again use a eye shadow blending brush to blend it to desired look. Lastly I use the Black Jewel (Contrast) on the outer lid and blend into the Purple. I also use the Black with a small brush and fixing spray to create cat eyes. Though I later go over my eyeliner with the Lush Mascara to make the line bolder. I then finish the eyes by also coating my lashes in the Lush Eyes Right Mascara.

I love the Eye Jewel Colours but the butteriness of this product can mean it does not last long or it will wear and leave a crease line. I hope this will last longer if I apply some matt shadow under it, but for this blog I wanted to only use my Lush Makeup Products.

To create a blush I used Lush Strong Lipstick, by tapping it lightly on the apples of my cheeks and blending it in with a large blusher brush. Its imports to apply sparingly and build up as you blend.

Lastly l finish by lining my lips and filling them in with the Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Bamboozled Lip stain. It is a beautiful red and also acts as a great base to stop the lipstick from bleeding once applied. The Lipsticks themselves are all made from mostly the same ingredients, so really they can be used for many things. They can even be mixed in with a lip balm to be used as a tint. After my lips were covered with a layer of the stain, I then counted them with Ambition, giving a nice red glossy look.

I really love the Lush Makeup and desperately wish it was easier to get your hands on it. I only regret not picking up some of the eye shadow powder at Lush Oxford Street, as I feel this would of lasted longer for me. Have you tried any of the Lush Makeup and what are your thoughts?

The Powderpuff Room
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  1. I've never tried any make up products from Lush, they seem so strange to me haha, how is that little bottle a mascara? So confused.
    The lipstick and colour supplement look lovely! xx

    1. It is strange but really cute and interesting. I've just been brought the eye powder to so looking forward to trying them. The Mascara is nice and adds a bit of length but nots a lot of volume. You also have to add a lot of layers. Its nice and light make up to wear though and its good for your skin. x


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