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Friday 14 August 2015

Whoosh Shower Jelly - Lush Review

With two young children, our house is sometimes a bit crazy. We all run around doing our daily tasks, and though we love our lives, it can sometimes leave you a bit frazzled. Luckily the whole family are big lush fans, and these products have often helped with normal daily situations. When we don't get to relieve our aches in a long bath, we can still take the time to recharge ourselves with a refreshing Lush shower.

Like his Mummy, my son loves a luxurious bubble bath. He could spend hours in the tub, which I can fully appreciate until the times when we are running late and the boy still doesn't want to leave. So I am very happy to have found a Lush product that encourages him to shower as well.

Whoosh is a shower gel in a Jelly like formula. It is a deep sea blue and can be used as a soap or shampoo. You can even chill this jelly in the fridge or freezer to cool you down on a sunny day.

The fragrance is a zesty citrus scent that invigorates the senses. It is created from a blend of cleansing Fresh Grapefruit Juice, moisturising Honey Water, refreshing Fresh Organic Lime Juice and muscle relaxing Rosemary Oil.

A Shower Jelly can be used whole or by cutting it into smaller pieces. They will lather when rubbed directly onto the skin or into a shower scrunchie. I feel a scrunchie produces more foam and ensures you get maximum use out of the product.

After stepping out of the shower, I feel rejuvenated and revived. The same can be said for my water baby as he jumps from his sleeping state to a full bag of energy. Our skin is left smooth, the scent lingers on our bodies and the aroma fills the air long after we leave the bathroom.

These Jellies are perfect for adults and children alike. Providing an awakening and quick wash, while taking care of your body. It also encourages young ones into the shower. They will have so much fun poking, wobbling and chasing the slippy soap around, they will have no time to notice that they have already been washed.
We loved this shower Jelly, It is a great way to kick start any morning. It left us feeling fresh and energetic, adding a much needed Whoosh into our day. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs the energy to survive a busy lifestyle or simple like me, enjoys giggling at jiggling jelly.

You can purchase this at your local Lush Store or online on the Lush Website. Thank you for reading my post, is this your favourite Lush Jelly?!

Helpful Ingredients

  • Honey Water helps the skin to lock in moisture and protects it from damage. 
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate cleanses the hair thoroughly removing dirt and grease. 
  • Fresh Organic Lemon Juice rejuvenates, protects and refreshes the skin and hair.
  • Fresh Grapefruit Juice is used in aromatherapy for its uplifting qualities. It is also an antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial.
  • Fresh Organic Lime Juice is rejuvenates and refreshes the skin and hair, while also offering protection.
  • Grapefruit Oil is an antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial oil used to help clears the mind and tone and refresh the body.
  • Rosemary Oil helps to keep the skin clear. It is also used to cleanse, relax muscles and add shine to the hair.
  • Geranium Oil is used for its toning and balancing properties. It is antiseptic and astringent which help even out colour and oiliness.

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