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Wednesday 24 June 2015

How to Get The Pin Up Look!

(Marilyns dress from the film 'Misfits')
Growing up I never felt beautiful, and I'm pretty sure the more I become unhappy with myself the worse I looked. Beauty Icons are very important in a young girls life. They do not just teach us how to dress and how to do our make up but they also offer comfort. They are there when we are growing and reaching out to learn who we really are. So a beauty style Icon for me is not about being perfect, it is about being yourself, overcoming your trouble and striving for positivity.

When I am asked who my Beauty Style Icon is I would have to say (though it may sound terribly cliché), Marilyn Monroe. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, fabulously curvy and had a wardrobe to die for, but she was also human. She made mistakes, she struggled to be happy and she was desperate to be loved. Although I hope no one will ever feel the sadness she felt, I do hope we can learn from how hard she worked to be happy. 

(Marilyns dress from 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes')
There are so many styles and characters to Marilyn, though I guess most people will picture her as the dumb, blonde, sex symbol we are often told she was. I would say she is so much more. Marilyn knew how to present herself, she knew how to make you see her the way she wanted you to and she created a character that she knew would help her get to where she wanted to be. 

Marilyn teaches us that beauty is not just about make up and new dresses, it is also about confidence and hard work. If you want to summon some of that Monroe charm and power why not try these little tips?!

How to get the Pin Up look?!
1. Hair Style

No Pin Up look is complete without curls, there are many ways to achieve these depending on your hair type. The easiest way to achieve the perfect base for the perfect Pin Up hair is with Pin Curls.
  • Take a small section of damp hair and apply your preferred spray/cream or gel that provides the best hold. 
  • Curl the hair around your fingers twirling it into spirals until it is all gathered.
  • Once gathered pin the curl against the scalp securely. 
  • Leave hair in pins to dry and set. I prefer to leave mine over night so the curl holds for longer. 
  • When pins are removed you can either leave hair in tight curls or brush through for looser, fuller waves.  
Once curls are set you have the basis for many Pin up hair styles, you can also add victory rolls or hair accessories such as flowers.

2. Make Up

  • Make up should be applied to skin that has already been cleansed, toned and moisturised. 
  • Apply a foundation that perfectly matched your skin tone. Don't use consealers until after foundation to ensure you are not using to much. Cover any dark circles and blemishes. 
  • Dust over a layer of press powder to set your base.
  • Ensure eyebrows are well groomed. Tweeze any overgrown hair and brush into shape. Fill in any gaps with powder or eyebrow pencil.
  • Apply a light eye shadow from the base of eye lashes blending up under the eyebrow.
  • Add a darker shade to the crease line, blending it outward to the end of the eye. 
  • Just under the brow add a lighter shade to highlight the brow arch. 
  • Create a 'Catseye' eyeliner with liquid or gel, make sure the wings flick out at the corner of the eye. My preferred product to achieve this look is Mac Fluidline.
  • Once eyeliner is dry, apply false eyelashes of your chosen thickness and length to suit face. This will be easier to set if you allow the glue a few moments on the false lash before attaching. 
  • Apply mascara on top lashes and allow to dry.
  •  Lightly brush blusher along the cheekbone. Make sure to sweep the brush upwards in one direction and use a larger brush such as the Bobbie Brown Blush Brush to ensure the effect is not to heavy. 
  • Lips and eyes are the important features to this look, so when selecting your colours, Pin ups always have Black Eye liner and Red Lips.
  • Before starting your make up, make sure your lips are also smooth (exfoliate if needed) and moisturised. This will show your lipstick to its full potential when you start with a clear base.
  • Outline lips with lipliner, then continue to fill in. This will help your lipstick last longer. Make sure it is a matching colour to your lipstick so it does not effect the colour.
  • With a lip brush coat your lips in your favourite shade (one of mine being Mandarin Bobbie Brown Matte Lip Colour). Blot lips with tissue to get rid of excess. 
3. Nails
4. The Outfits

The Pin up look is inspired from the 1940's to 1950's, it was very popular to achieve the hourglass shape. There are so many choices to suit your wardrobe needs and you should not be scared to make this look your own.  Here are some fashion must haves for the Pin up look:

  • Good shape wear helps create the perfect shape, seamed stockings are also a must have, some ladies also choose to wear bullet bras. 
  • Full Petticoat to fill out and add shape to your swing dresses and skirts. 
  • Swing Dresses
  • Pensil Skirts
  • High waisted trousers or shorts
  • Belts to nip in and emphasise the waist. 
  • Sailor, floral and animal prints.
  • Fabulous heels
  • Bandanas, chiffon scarves and flowers for the hair.
  • Vintage jewellery, pearls, brooches
(Marilyns dress from 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes')
Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate all your support. I would love to know what your Pin up must haves are. If you still feel you could do with more guidance on shades or products, why not pop in your local House of Fraser Make Up Department, or visit them online. They were the first place I visited as a teen for make up advice and I felt empowered. This is the reason I would also like to enter this blog into The House of Fraser Beauty Ambassador competition. I would love the chance to work with them and to help others feel good about themselves.

The Powderpuff Room
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  1. love the compassion pictures you both look stunning :)

    1. Aww Thank you so much, got to love a good dress :) x


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