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Friday 13 November 2015

An Interview With Aimee from Radioactive Unicorn!

Before my massive breakdown with my anxiety, believe it or not, I used to model. I wouldn't say I've ever had great beliefs in my beauty, but I did get to the point of accepting myself for who I was and being at peace with that. While on my little modelling adventures, I had a chance to work with a beautiful Hair and Makeup Artist called Aimee. I instantly liked Aimee, not only was she friendly, funny and worked wonders with my eyebrows, but she also is the type of woman who works to make other women feel empowered. This is something I respect very much in people. The world would be a much better place if people worked more to support each other instead of tearing them down.

So when I heard Amiee had started her own business, creating her own magical coloured Nail Polishes, first I knew I had to support her and secondly I realised this was no chore as they looked stunning! I ordered two colours that I had had my eye on for a while, 'Kathy, the original vintage doll' and ' Thor, god of thunder thighs'.

'Kathy, the original vintage doll', is a vibrant, classic red nail varnish. Like all Radioactive Unicorn polishes, it is a matte glitter. The coverage and durability of the polish is great quality and this meant it lasted well over a week for me, when usually, I would only have other varnishes last a few days.

'Thor, god of thunder thighs' as well as having an amazing name, is a beautiful glittery silver. The glitter itself is a mixture of small and larger sizes, and the shine is just perfect. It is also a matte, which again helps its durability. If how ever you prefer a shine to your nails, these can easily be covered in a nice shiny top coat.

I love Radioactive Unicorn, all polishes have wildly creative names and brilliantly colourful shades. I also look forward to seeing other nail care products that are coming out presently. These Polishes are not just about pretty nails but also about fabulous, powerful personalities. So why not take a read of my interview with Amiee and you will see what a wonderful message she is trying to spread.

1. Hello Aimee, Tell me a bit about your life before Radioactive Unicorn?

Hey! Well before radioactive unicorn was born I was a nail technician, but unfortunately I was told I couldn't do nails any longer because of a disability I had devolved in my hands, so I had to stop immediately before I lost the use of my hands completely. I felt quite sad as nails had been my life since I was a teenager. I thought about how I could keep my feet in the water and discovered that making my own nail polish was not as hard as it actually seemed. I started testing in April this year and started selling in august.

2. When did you start your own brand and what inspired it's creation?

We started in April 2015 with basic testing with products. The inspiration behind RU is appealing to the alt community. We don't always want red nails or barbie pink. We want frankenstein coloured nail polishes! We want the perfect black and the most deep intense glitters without 29 coats! I designed RU to be quick effective and different.

3. Is this your full time job and if not what else does Aimee Tink do?!

I'm a full time plus size model haha! between those 2 it keeps me pretty busy! Haha

4. How did you come up with your very colourful business name?

Basically I love unicorn's and I love things which are different and out of the box and not of the ordinary, the name is designed to make you think. What exactly pops into your head when you say radioactive unicorn haha, I want to make your mind work

5. What is your favourite part of making your polishes?

I absolutely love glitter delivery day hahaha! I really have to try and not just throw it in the air and make glitter rain. But I love sitting in my front room with my heavy metal blasting, mixing and bottling them up. I detest labelling haha

6. Do you have a favourite polish that you have created?

I honestly love them all. I don't have a favorite haha. The very first one I made was frankenfine and it was so beautiful I almost cried because it took me around 5 tests to get her right haha

7. So far you have released two different ranges, will they continue to be seasonal or themed releases?

Yes! I'm releasing a trio for Christmas, which are absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, so don't get excited haha. I plan to release a set in February and another in April. I want to keep colours moving and fresh, and to cater to all alt tastes like heavy metal girls, pastel goths and scream queens. I want everyone to be catered for.

8. Can you talk us briefly through your creation progress, from ideas to finished product?

Usually I sit and think "what's missing?" I look in the makeup aisle and see how uninspiring nail polish is and I think what can I do to add to them. Sometimes I get ideas pop into my head Haha! I will always research the best product and order many varieties of them to try. I do a few mixes based on what I have and what my ideas are and compare a few of them and generally go with the best.

9. What is next for you and Radioactive Unicorn?

well I have been looking into a space as I would love to have a retail outlet where you could come and try polishes and maybe have treatments done by an in house nail technician. I'm looking into a lot of new products for nail care generally, like oils and more products of my own so that's what I see in my periscope.

10. Finally what do your polishes mean to you? what message/feelings do you think the spread?

Our mission statement is very simple radioactive unicorn is not designed for the normal nail polish users, this sh*t right here if for the strange, the whimsical, the misunderstood, the black sheep, the tattooed babe, the retro doll, the goth, the witch, the freaks and the people who downright love being themselves. this is for you.... this is for US. this is a movement, this is a statement, this is a feeling, this is for the love of being different.

Thank you very much to the lovely Aimee for letting me interview her, and thank you for reading it. If you would like to see more from Radioactive Unicorn, you can also find her on her Facebook Page.

The Powderpuff Room
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